AI – Update Mindfulness Exercise

Mindfulness Exercise

Complete the exercise and our AI will analyze your input, research the data and provide you with precision results to guide your recovery. The more detail you add the better the results. Note: Your data is private and will never be viewed or shared with anyone. Your results will be emailed directly to you.

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Example 1: Last week, while walking in the park, I felt the breeze, heard the birds, and was completely absorbed in the moment. Example 2: During a meditation session, I felt connected to my surroundings and free from distractions.
Example 1: I felt bad about eating a dessert. Instead of labeling it as ‘bad’, I could simply acknowledge it and move on. Example 2: I judged a colleague for being late. I could remind myself that everyone has their challenges and I don’t know their full story.
Example 1: I was getting irritated waiting in line at the store. I felt tension in my shoulders and kept checking the time. Example 2: I was restless waiting for a friend who was running late. I noticed my foot tapping and a sense of annoyance building
Example 1: I recently looked at a flower in my garden and was amazed by its intricate details. Example 2: I watched a sunset and was captivated by the changing colors as if I had never seen it before.
Example 1: I second-guessed my decision at work. I can trust myself by remembering past successes. Example 2: I doubted my choice in a relationship. I can build trust by reflecting on my values and ensuring my decisions align with them.
Example 1: I sat on my porch last evening, just enjoying the sunset without thinking about my to-do list. Example 2: During my morning coffee, I tried to just savor the taste and warmth instead of planning my day.
Example 1: When it rained on my outdoor plans, I initially felt upset. I can practice acceptance by finding joy in indoor activities. Example 2: I was frustrated when a meeting got rescheduled. I can accept it by using the newfound time productively.
Example 1: I often hold onto past mistakes. I can benefit from letting go of this guilt and focusing on the present. Example 2: I cling to the idea of perfection. Letting go of this unrealistic standard can bring me peace.
Example 1: I’m grateful for the warm meal I had today. Example 2: I appreciate the support and love of my family.
Example 1: I comforted a colleague who was going through a tough time, just by listening to them. Example 2: After a hard day, I gave myself permission to rest instead of being hard on myself.
Example 1: I listened to my friend without interrupting or thinking of my response. It made the conversation more meaningful. Example 2: During a team meeting, I focused solely on understanding each member’s perspective, leading to more collaborative solutions.