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Making Recovery a Welcome Journey

Peer to Peer Support

We are passionately devoted to sharing our experiences and resources to support others. Our primary goal is to impart our knowledge about recovery. We acknowledge that this journey can pose challenges, but we firmly believe it can also be filled with hope and joy. If you’re ready, we invite you to join us in expanding our movement and casting a positive influence on the lives of those struggling and their loved ones. United, we can make a difference. Our strength lies in our years of technical and personal skills, experience, and training. As our membership grows, these valuable attributes do too.

“There are so many things in life that are simple, yet they elude most people. It’s when individuals face extreme challenges, such as addiction, that they discover principled truths that truly free them. Recovering addicts will tell you that, as painful as their struggles might have been, these experiences have made them better people. They are now far more enlightened than the average person who might live in a world of foggy bliss. Many simply don’t know what they don’t know, until they too are challenged by life.”


Welcome to the Precision P2P Website, where innovation meets Healthcare. Today, we embark on a remarkable journey into the future as we unveil a groundbreaking breakthrough that will forever change the landscape of patient care partnership opportunities and investments in the recovery field. In this digital aera where technological advancements are shaping the way we live and interact, we proudly introduce SAM AI a state-of-the-art AI generated avatar. SAM, short for Smart Artificial Medical companion represent the cutting edge of innovation and the limitless possibilities that AI bring to the table. Sam AI is not your ordinary virtual assistant; it is marvel of modern technology tailored specifically for the Behavorial Health and Recovery realm.

Powered by the amazing abilities of machine learning and natural language processing, SAM delivers precision options and resources previously only available in expensive treatment centers. Now we can deliver this to a far greater and far more diverse group of those in need at little or no cost….


AI Analysis
  • AI-Powered Analysis: SAM AI uses advanced artificial intelligence to analyze user inputs and provide personalized feedback and recommendations.
  • Interactive User Interface: SAM AI interacts with users through a user-friendly interface, guiding them through various exercises and Resources.
  • Custom Prompts: SAM AI generates custom prompts based on user inputs, providing personalized guidance and supports.
  • Interactive User Interface: SAM interacts with users through a user-friendly interface, guiding them through various exercises and resources.
  • Recovery Journey Analysis: SAM evaluates the user’s recovery journey based on their inputs and provides commendations for accomplished tasks, areas of focus for improvement, and potential signs of relapse.
  • Resource Recommendation: SAM recommends relevant resources based on the user’s profile and recovery journey.
  • Risk Analysis: SAM provides a risk analysis of the user’s success rate in their recovery journey, giving a percentage-based evaluation.
  • Tiered Subscription Levels: SAM offers different subscription levels, providing varying levels of access and AI analysis based on the subscription tier.
  • Integration with WPForms: SAM integrates with WPForms to collect user inputs and trigger AI analysis.
  • Email Communication: SAM sends the AI analysis results to the user via email in a specified layout.
  • Data Privacy and Security: SAM ensures that all user data is encrypted, private, and compliant with privacy laws.
  • Peer Support Referral: SAM may refer users to peer support programs or professional medical services based on their specific needs.
  • Continuous Learning and Improvement: SAM continually learns and improves based on user feedback and inputs, ensuring the most accurate and helpful guidance possible.
  • Live OpenAI Chatbot (Elite Tier): SAM offers a live OpenAI chatbot that can answer questions, provide analysis, and direct users to specific sections, pages, and exercises on the site (available in the Elite subscription tier).