AI – Update Relapse Prevention Exercise

Relapse Prevention Exercise and AI Analysis

Complete the exercise and our AI will analyze your input, research the data and provide you with precision results to guide your recovery. The more detail you add the better the results. Note: Your data is private and will never be viewed or shared with anyone. Your results will be emailed to you directly from our AI analysist.

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Select your triggers? (Question/Answer)
You're invited to a party where you know alcohol/drugs will be present, what would you do? (Question/Answer)
You have a significant personal achievement and feel the urge to celebrate in old ways, what would you do? (Question/Answer)
You come across a social media post of friends using alcohol/drugs, this is a potential trigger, what would you do? (Question/Answer)
You're facing a highly stressful day at work, how can you manage your stress? (Question/Answer)
An old friend with whom you used to use alcohol and drugs contacts you to have some fun. What would you do? (Question/Answer)
You feel isolated and left out because you're not joining in certain activities anymore, what could you do? (Question/Answer)
You find a stash of your old substance while cleaning your house, what would you do? (Question/Answer)
You're experiencing a challenging emotional period, such as a breakup or grief, this can be a strong trigger, what would you do? (Question/Answer)
You're attending a wedding where there will be a toast with champagne, what would you do? (Question/Answer)