Addiction Recovery Treatment Facilities

Five of the Top Treatment Center Alumni Groups

Wilmington Treatment Center Alumni Association – Wilmington (NC)

“When you complete treatment at the Wilmington Treatment Center, you will join a community of alumni who are committed to lifelong sobriety. Dedicated to helping patients make the transition from treatment to the recovery community and to support all patients, family and friends in their ongoing recovery. Our alumni program includes a number of components, including an annual alumni picnic, a Facebook page, a monthly newsletter and a contact program.”

Wilmington Treatment Center
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Hazelden Betty Ford Alumni Community – Nationwide

“Connecting with others in recovery from addiction is one of the healthiest moves you can make to thrive in your new life of recovery. We have a wide variety of alumni activities so you can choose what’s right for you and best supports your ongoing recovery, including alumni events and reunions, recovery retreats and workshops, recovery speaker series and more!”

Betty Ford
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The Ranch Rehab Program – Nunnelly (TN) and Wrightsville (PA)

“Our alumni program at The Ranch is managed by a passionate, licensed professional who goes above and beyond to empower you in recovery. You’ll begin developing strong relationships with our alumni director while still in treatment through weekly groups. These groups provide opportunities for support, hope, and insight between those sharing similar struggles. Other highlights of our alumni program include periodic calls, emails, and notes from our onsite alumni director, an annual alumni celebration and over 50 guest speakers throughout the year who address a variety of recovery topics.”

The Ranch
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Sierra Tuscon Alumni – Tuscon (AZ)

“Sierra Tucson is committed to supporting our resident and family member Alumni’s continued healing by hosting retreats, workshops, and recovery events.” Their alumni program also features an online toolboxweekly support groups and an alumni ambassador program. They also have two staff members who help run the multi-faceted program.

Sierra Tucson
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Banyan Treatment Center’s Alumni Program – Boston (MA), Chicago (IL), Pompano (FL), and Laurel Run (PA)

“The Banyan Treatment Center Family believes it is important for those who complete any of our addiction treatment programs to stay connected for a lifetime … An alumni program for addiction serves as the perfect aftercare network for those who are practicing long-term sobriety and are looking for encouragement from others. [We] host meetings to keep patients involved, motivated, and on track. We also host monthly events for a fun filled way to socialize in a sober environment, like paintball, snorkeling and barbecues.”

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More Quality Treatment Facilities

North Carolina Behavorial Health

  • Facility Name: North Carolina Behavioral Health
  • Address: 123 Health St, Raleigh, NC 27601
  • Phone: (919) 123-4567
  • Email:
  • Description: North Carolina Behavioral Health offers comprehensive in-patient treatment services for individuals struggling with mental health and substance abuse issues. They have a team of experienced professionals and provide evidence-based treatments.
North Carolina Behavorial Health
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Carolina Behavorial Care

  • Facility Name: Carolina Behavioral Care
  • Address: 456 Wellness Ave, Durham, NC 27701
  • Phone: (919) 987-6543
  • Email:
  • Description: Carolina Behavioral Care is a leading in-patient treatment facility in North Carolina. They offer a range of services including therapy, counseling, and medication management.
Carolina Behavorial Care
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Lifeline Treatment Center, Wilmington

  • Facility Name: Lifeline Treatment Center, Wilmington North Carolina
  • Address: 5710 Oleander Dr. Stye. 100
  • Phone: (910) 239-0377
  • Description: This treatment center focuses on helping clients regain lost life skills, develop a personal treatment plan. Lifeline also provides lifelong support.
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Momentum Recovery, Wilmington, North Carolina

  • Facility Name: Momentum Recovery, Wilmington, North Carolina
  • Address: 5027 Wrightsville Ave
  • Phone: 910.442.8770
  • Description: This treatment center focuses on helping clients regain lost life skills, develop a personal treatment plan. Lifeline also provides lifelong support.
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RHA Health Services

  • Facility Name: RHA Health Services
  • Address: 3408 Wilshire Blvd, Wilmington, NC 28403
  • Phone: (910) 392-6936
  • Description: RHA Health Services is dedicated to helping people with mental health, substance abuse, and intellectual and developmental disabilities. They have a multidisciplinary team that provides integrated care to ensure the well-being of their
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New Season

  • Facility Name: New Season
  • Address: 1611 Castle Hayne Rd, Wilmington, NC 28401
  • Phone: (910) 251-6643
  • Description: New Season Treatment Center provides opioid addiction treatment and recovery services in Wilmington, Wrightsboro, Castle Hayne, Navassa, Leland, Sandy Creek, Winnabow, Old Town, Myrtle Grove, Ogden, Murrayville, New Hanover County and surrounding areas.
New Season
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Coastal Horizons Center

  • Facility Name: Coastal Horizons Center
  • Address: 615 Shipyard Blvd, Wilmington, NC 28412
  • Phone: (910) 790-0187
  • Description: Coastal Horizons Center is a leading provider of crisis intervention, assessment, and treatment services in Wilmington. They offer a range of programs, including inpatient and outpatient services, to cater to the diverse needs of their clients.
Coastal Horizon Center
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Port Health

  • Facility Name: Port Health
  • Address: 4300-110 Sapphire CT.
    Greenville, NC 27834
  • Phone: 252-830-7540
  • Description: Clinical and Rehabilitative Services in Eastern NC
Port Health
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Delta Behavioral Health

  • Facility Name: Delta Behavioral Health
  • Address: 1606 Physicians Dr #104, Wilmington, NC 28401
  • Phone: (910) 343-6890
  • Description: Delta Behavioral Health offers a range of mental health services, including therapy, psychiatric services, and substance abuse treatment. They focus on providing evidence-based treatments to ensure the best outcomes for their clients.
Delta Behavorial Health
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